• Qu'est-ce que l'inspiration ? Que nous apportent les états de conscience altérés ? Que cherche-t-on au-delà des perceptions rationnelles ?
    Dans la lignée de Michaux, Burroughs, McKenna ou de la Chemical Generation, Tao Lin, expérimente et explore, d'un psychotrope à l'autre et de façon inédite, les effets des stupéfiants sur le corps et la psyché humains.

  • Ce roman, même s'il s'intitule Richard Yates, n'a aucun rapport avec l'auteur éponyme... Ce n'est en aucun cas une biographie, le titre fait plutôt appel (même s'il est fait référence à quelques reprises à l'écrivain Richard Yates) à la sensation d'approximation, de « réalité abstraite » qu'on vit lorsqu'on s'aperçoit de la différence entre un contenant et son contenu, ou lorsqu'on compare des éléments aussi paradoxalement éloignés l'un de l'autre que l'Art et la Vie : une situation étrange et pourtant familière, nous laissant dans un doux état de confusion.Deux jeunes gens que l'auteur affuble de noms d'acteurs américains, Haley Joel Osment, 21 ans, habitant New York, et Dakota Fanning, 16 ans, habitant dans le New Jersey, font connaissance sur internet et s'éprennent l'un de l'autre.Après une première rencontre réelle au domicile de l'adolescente, ils enchaînent les allers-retours entre New York et le New Jersey. Le couple mange végan, vole dans les magasins et disserte sur la vie et l'ennui, se sent seul, échoue souvent à se comprendre. Lorsqu'ils ne sont pas ensemble, ils discutent en chat, alimentent leur spleen et une relation entre bonheur fulgurant et déprime suicidaire.Lorsque Joel quitte son appartement de New York pour s'installer dans New Jersey, les personnages se dévoilent, laissant apparaître leurs blessures, leurs pulsions, leurs failles. Et Joel découvre alors les mensonges et manipulations de Dakota.Des jeunes ligotés par leurs liens virtuels, des adultes désarticulés par le réel, un récit entre l'hypnose et l'anesthésie. L'écriture minimale de Tao Lin et son humour à froid nous plongent dans la dépression générationnelle de ceux que l'on nomme les hipsters. Et, au détour d'une conversation en ligne apparemment anodine, les démons surgissent, avec toujours en fond sonore une solitude que l'on embrasse et dont on rit, comme pour l'apprivoiser.« Souvent hilarante, l'écriture de Tao Lin évoque les débuts de Douglas Coupland ou Bret Easton Ellis, mais avec quelque chose de particulier, presque beckettien. (...) Il y a chez lui une attitude, une ambiance, un abandon comiquement désespéré de l'ego littéraire. » The Guardian

  • Si Richard Yates, roman d'amour de la solitude contemporaine, rendait compte des sentiments des êtres par leurs actes et gestes quotidiens, la poésie de Tao Lin rend compte de l'être en auscultant la vie matérielle, les objets et les êtres qui les entourent.La distanciation, l'objectivation, est le mode détaché, souvent drôle, d'une observation qui fonde à la fois l'examen philosophique et celui du sentiment amoureux. Une distance qui s'introduit partout, entre les personnes, entre le poète et ses mots, entre l'espace et le temps, entre un patient et sa thérapie.Introduisant des personnages récurrents, comme le hamster, l'auteur conduit le lecteur à suivre la recherche pleine d'humour et de justesse d'une conscience de soi, par un jeune poète en quête de sens dans la civilisation des objets et des biens matériels.

  • « Une véritable sensation littéraire » - Rolling Stone« Lin à l'apogée de l'humour et du mordant. » - Globe and Mail« D'une grande force émotionnelle, un roman sans une once d'autoapitoiement, de mélodrame ou d'affectation, qui fait du glacial Lin l'icône parfaite d'une génération exposée à la maturité. » - Publishers Weekly« Un chef-d'oeuvre moderne. Taipei a moins à voir avec son temps qu'avec la littérature traditionnelle de Hamsun, Hemingway et Musil. » - New York Observer« Avec Taipei, Tao Lin devient le styliste le plus intéressant de sa génération. » - Bret Easton Ellis

  • Set mostly in Manhattan--although also featuring Atlantic City, Brooklyn, GMail Chat, and Gainsville, Florida--this autobiographical novella, spanning two years in the life of a young writer with a cultish following, has been described by the author as “A shoplifting book about vague relationships,” “2 parts shoplifting arrest, 5 parts vague relationship issues,” and “An ultimately life-affirming book about how the unidirectional nature of time renders everything beautiful and sad.”
    From VIP rooms in hip New York City clubs to central booking in Chinatown, from New York University’s Bobst Library to a bus in someone’s backyard in a college-town in Florida, from Bret Easton Ellis to Lorrie Moore, and from Moby to Ghost Mice, it explores class, culture, and the arts in all their American forms through the funny, journalistic, and existentially-minded narrative of someone trying to both “not be a bad person” and “find some kind of happiness or something,” while he is driven by his failures and successes at managing his art, morals, finances, relationships, loneliness, confusion, boredom, future, and depression.

  • Anglais Eeeee Eee Eeee

    Tao Lin

    "Tao Lin writes from moods that less radical writers would let pass--from laziness, from vacancy, from boredom. And it turns out that his report from these places is moving and necessary, not to mention frequently hilarious."
    - Miranda July, author of No One Belongs Here More Than You
    "Tao Lin is the most distinctive young writer I've come upon in a long time: the most intrepid, the funniest, the strangest. He is completely unlike anyone else."
    - Brian Morton, author of Starting Out in the Evening
    Confused yet intelligent animals attempt to interact with confused yet intelligent humans, resulting in the death of Elijah Wood, Salman Rushdie, and Wong Kar-Wai; the destruction of a Domino's Pizza delivery car in Orlando; and a vegan dinner at a sushi restaurant in Manhattan attended by a dolphin, a bear, a moose, an alien, three humans, and the President of the United States of America, who lectures on the arbitrary nature of consciousness, truth, and the universe before getting drunk and playing poker.
    "Tao Lin's fiction will kick your ass and say thank you afterwards!"
    - Amy Fusselman, author of The Pharmacist's Mate
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Anglais Bed

    Tao Lin

    College students, recent graduates, and their parents work at Denny's, volunteer at a public library in suburban Florida, attend satanic ska/punk concerts, eat Chinese food with the homeless of New York City, and go to the same Japanese restaurant in Manhattan three times in two sleepless days, all while yearning constantly for love, a better kind of love, or something better than love, things which--much like the Loch Ness Monster--they know probably do not exist, but are rumored to exist and therefore "good enough."
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Anglais Richard Yates

    Tao Lin

    In a startling change of direction, cult favorite Tao Lin presents a dark and brooding tale of illicit love that is his most sophisticated and mesmerizing writing yet.
    Richard Yates is named after real-life writer Richard Yates, but it has nothing to do with him. Instead, it tracks the rise and fall of an illicit affair between a very young writer and his even younger--in fact, under-aged--lover. As he seeks to balance work and love, she becomes more and more self-destructive in a play for his undivided attention. His guilt and anger builds in response until they find themselves hurtling out of control and afraid to let go.
    Lin's trademark minimalism takes on a new, sharp-edged suspense here, zeroing in on a lacerating narrative like never before--until it is almost, in fact, too late.

  • Anglais Taipei

    Tao Lin

    At some point, maybe twenty minutes after he'd begun refreshing Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Gmail in a continuous cycle - with an ongoing, affectless, humorless realisation that his day 'was over' - he noticed with confusion, having thought it was early morning, that it was 4:46PM

    Taipei is an ode - or lament - to the way we live now. Following Paul from New York, where he comically navigates Manhattan's art and literary scenes, to Taipei, Taiwan, where he confronts his family's roots, we see one relationship fail, while another is born on the internet and blooms into an unexpected wedding in Las Vegas.

    From one of this generation's most talked-about and enigmatic writers comes a deeply personal and uncompromising novel about memory, love, and what it means to be alive.

  • In Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy a 23-year-old person attempts to explain to himself the possible origins, ends, and cures of anger, worry, despair, obsession, and confusion, while concurrently experiencing those things in various contexts including a romantic relationship, a book of poetry, and the arbitrary nature of the universe.

  • A Slate Best Book of the Year
    From one of this generation's most talked about and enigmatic writers comes a deeply personal, powerful, and moving novel about family, relationships, accelerating drug use, and the lingering possibility of death.
    Taipei by Tao Lin is an ode--or lament--to the way we live now. Following Paul from New York, where he comically navigates Manhattan's art and literary scenes, to Taipei, Taiwan, where he confronts his family's roots, we see one relationship fail, while another is born on the internet and blooms into an unexpected wedding in Las Vegas. Along the way--whether on all night drives up the East Coast, shoplifting excursions in the South, book readings on the West Coast, or ill advised grocery runs in Ohio--movies are made with laptop cameras, massive amounts of drugs are ingested, and two young lovers come to learn what it means to share themselves completely. The result is a suspenseful meditation on memory, love, and what it means to be alive, young, and on the fringe in America, or anywhere else for that matter.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Deux années de la vie d'un jeune auteur culte ou, selon ce dernier, « un livre sur la nature unidirectionnelle du temps et la manière dont elle rend tout beau et triste ».

  • This book includes discussion on advance computer technologies such as cloud computing, grid computing, and service computing. In addition, it furthers the theory and technology of grid technologies that is used in manufacturing, and accelerates the development of service-oriented manufacturing.

  • Presenting the concept and design and implementation of configurable intelligent optimization algorithms in manufacturing systems, this book provides a new configuration method to optimize manufacturing processes. It provides a comprehensive elaboration of basic intelligent optimization algorithms, and demonstrates how their improvement, hybridization and parallelization can be applied to manufacturing. Furthermore, various applications of these intelligent optimization algorithms are exemplified in detail, chapter by chapter. The intelligent optimization algorithm is not just a single algorithm; instead it is a general advanced optimization mechanism which is highly scalable with robustness and randomness. Therefore, this book demonstrates the flexibility of these algorithms, as well as their robustness and reusability in order to solve mass complicated problems in manufacturing. Since the genetic algorithm was presented decades ago, a large number of intelligent optimization algorithms and their improvements have been developed. However, little work has been done to extend their applications and verify their competence in solving complicated problems in manufacturing.This book will provide an invaluable resource to students, researchers, consultants and industry professionals interested in engineering optimization. It will also be particularly useful to three groups of readers: algorithm beginners, optimization engineers and senior algorithm designers. It offers a detailed description of intelligent optimization algorithms to algorithm beginners; recommends new configurable design methods for optimization engineers, and provides future trends and challenges of the new configuration mechanism to senior algorithm designers.