• This work offers a summary of the book «BEYOND e: 12 Ways Technology Is Transforming Sales and Marketing Strategy» by Stephen Diorio.

    Stephen Diorio is founder and president of IMT Strategies, a sales and marketing strategy firm specializing in the application of new technology to grow sales.

    In Beyond e, Diorio argues that the key marketing challenge of the present era is not simply to add an e-commerce department to the existing business. Instead, good marketers are becoming much more proactive - they are using new technology creatively to grow market share and create entirely new revenue streams.

    Technology is evolving so rapidly that very few companies actually take full advantage of all the opportunities to improve that become available to them. Smart marketers understand that, and turn technology chaos into a competitive advantage. They use technology to come up with revenue engines that are faster and more efficient, allowing them to grow faster than everyone else in their industry.

    As Diorio says, «business leaders today are looking beyond e-business hype to understand how selling technologies can actually help them grow revenues and make their customers happier».