• This work offers a summary of the book «BORROWING BRILLIANCE: The Six Steps to Business Innovation By Building on the Ideas of Others» by David Kord Murray.

    David Murray is an aerospace engineer turned entrepreneur, inventor and Fortune 500 executive. He has notably served as the head of innovation for Intuit and other Fortune 500 companies and has worked as the Senior Manager for Advanced Technologies for President Reagan's Star Wars program. In Borrowing Brilliance, Murray argues that new ideas are always constructed out of existing ideas. What appear to be genuinely original ideas always combine snippets of one idea with parts of another to come up with something which has never before been combined in that way. To be specific, when you look at the creative process from a big picture perspective, you'll always find the genesis of any new idea comes through a six-step process. By working through this six-step process, you come up with something new which combines aspects or elements of old and established ideas into a different mix.

    «Brilliance is actually borrowed, easily within your reach, for, really, it's knowing where to borrow the materials from and how to put them together that determines your creative ability.

  • THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TRULY ORIGINAL IDEA Great thinkers through history - Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs - have understood this and used it to their advantage. Now you can too, with the help of David Murray's practical six-step 'borrowing' process.

    Borrowing isn't really intellectual theft; it's the core creative thinking technique. Contrary to what many of us believe, creativity can be learned and is easily within reach. Using practical lessons from the careers of brilliant thinkers, Murray lifts the veil off the creative process, showing us how to tap into our own creativity and become the innovators we'd love to be.

    'Everything a business book should be. A great concept brilliantly expressed in an interesting and well-written book.' Al Ries, author of Positioning and War in the Boardroom

  • In a book poised to become the bible of innovation, a renowned creativity expert reveals the key to the creative process-"borrowing".
    As a former aerospace scientist, Fortune 500 executive, chief innovation officer, inventor, and software entrepreneur, David Kord Murray has made a living by coming up with innovative ideas. In Borrowing Brilliance he shows readers how new ideas are merely the combination of existing ones by presenting a simple six-step process that anyone can use to build business innovation:
    ?Defining-Define the problem you're trying to solve.
    ?Borrowing-Borrow ideas from places with a similar problem.
    ?Combining-Connect and combine these borrowed ideas.
    ?Incubating-Allow the combinations to incubate into a solution.
    ?Judging-Identify the strength and weakness of the solution.
    ?Enhancing-Eliminate weak points while enhancing strong ones.
    Each chapter features real-life examples of brilliant borrowers, including profiles of Larry Page and Sergey Brin (the Google guys), George Lucas, Steve Jobs, and other creative thinkers. Murray used these methods to re-create his own career and he shows readers how to harness them to find creative solutions.