• Set in an about-to-be-demolished high-rise block of flats, various characters have arrived from a variety of situations; their lives and their stories, interweave, change and affect each other, and travel towards deeply moving, often funny, happy and painful outcomes. At the core of the story are two asylum seekers: All fifteen-year-old Sunday wanted was a country that was democratic and respectful of human life. All eight-year-old Rosa wanted was somewhere safe, away from the bad things of the past. Through their eyes, ideas of Britain> and belonging are explored. Moving, thoughtful, outstanding and unforgettable.

  • It is the late 1950s: teenagers have barely begun to be invented. Ruth and her older sister Mary struggle with the chaos of their parents' attempts to support five children by renting a rambling country house and running it as a holiday home for children of the rich. When their father dies, their increasingly desperate mother turns her efforts to the two hapless girls. Eager to marry them off, she plunges them into dancing classes and presentation at Buckingham Palace as phoney under-age debutants. Instead Mary finds LIFE at art school in a nearby town, with beatniks, jazz poets and dancing in the river. When friends persuade their mother to take the family to a new start in London, Ruth finds that she, too, has other life-plans . . .

  • Grandmother's FootstepsÂbegins on the day the Second World War ends, seen through the eyes of the bewildered young Ruth. Mesmerised and terrified by the break-up of the wartime world she is so used to, scared by her mother's disappearance to London in search of their absent father, she clings to the familiar world of her grandmother. Stick by me, Granny tells her, and you'll be all right. But already Ruth's exuberant mother has other plans for the family - a move to London and a succession of wild schemes that bring constant change and upheaval, opening and closing new horizons and leaving young Ruth feeling always - as the years go by - adrift. Except, that is, in the safe, sure haven of her grandmother's life.

  • Throughout the years that Veritas has spent trying to rear me, there's one essential truth she's always stuck to. 'Love is stronger than mountains.' My mother's name meant truth. But could any of us trust her to tell the truth about our family?' Can Ruth and her sister Mary discover lasting love for themselves amid the chaos of their large bohemian family? And what about their eccentric mother? Could they find a new love for her too? After the hardships of the 50s, how will any of them experience the new freedoms of the swinging 60s? As Ruth stands at the altar promising love to a young man till the end of life, under her breath she makes a vow: to set down everything of the past, the reality of a girlhood constantly touched by sadness, yet always profoundly secure.

  • Hamish is sensible, conscientious, and respectable, friends with the good boys, stays away from the bad ones. When his father is murdered in an act of random violence, Hamish's world turns upside down. Angry and alienated, Hamish begins to lose his tolerant beliefs and is drawn towards racist reactions. A move to France promises a much needed new beginning, but only builds Hamish's new attitudes as he becomes embroiled in the narrow-minded views of the locals. But then a boat of north-african refugees founders on the coast and Hamish encounters the sole survivor. Now his world is turned upside down again, caught between the violence of his past experiences and new realities unfolding in front of him.

  • S'il n'est pas trop tard..., Rachel Bailey
    Nico... Nico Jordan... Lorsqu'elle reconnaît l'homme qui se tient sur le pas de sa porte, Beth sent son coeur se glacer. Cela fait cinq ans qu'elle ne l'a pas revu. Cinq longues années depuis cette fameuse nuit où elle a été contrainte de fuir sans une explication, cinq longues années au cours desquelles elle n'a pourtant jamais cessé de penser à lui. Mais, si elle brûle de se jeter dans ses bras, elle sait également que pour préserver son terrible secret, elle va au contraire devoir lui dire de s'en aller. Une fois encore...
    La revanche de Jared James, Natalie Anderson
    Lorsqu'il accepte d'embaucher Amanda Winchester, Jared n'a qu'une idée en tête : se venger de cette enfant gâtée qui, autrefois, lui a fait comprendre qu'il ne serait jamais assez bien pour elle. Maintenant que les rôles sont inversés, il entend bien lui rendre la monnaie de sa pièce et la traiter avec tout le mépris qu'elle mérite. Mais, à sa grande surprise, il ne tarde pas à s'apercevoir que celle qu'il prenait pour une adolescente arrogante et superficielle est maintenant une jeune femme incroyablement sexy. Une jeune femme au charme troublant, auquel il a de plus en plus de mal à résister...