Peter Hobbs

  • Un verger au Pakistan

    Peter Hobbs

    • Christian bourgois
    • 7 Mars 2013

    Dans le nord du Pakistan, un adolescent mène une vie simple et heureuse en compagnie de ses soeurs et de ses parents, qu'il aide à récolter les fruits dans le verger. Au marché, il tombe sous le charme de la fille d'un puissant politicien, à laquelle il se lie, enfreignant ainsi les règles de la hiérarchie sociale. Pour son impudence, le jeune garçon est jeté dans une prison sordide où il croupit pendant quinze ans.
    À sa libération, brisé physiquement et mentalement, il est recueilli par Abbas, un poète érudit, aux côtés de qui il va réapprendre à vivre et se familiariser avec un monde qu'il ne reconnaît plus.
    Récit d'un retour à la vie, ce roman est avant tout une grande histoire d'amour intemporelle imprégnée de la sagesse et de la poésie des contes orientaux.

    « Une création à l'état pur. Preuve supplémentaire que Peter Hobbs est un des meilleurs écrivains, et parmi les plus courageux... Je l'ai lu sans m'arrêter. » Ali Smith

    « Un bijou d'écriture, parfaitement calibré, qui traite du caractère indomptable du coeur humain et du pouvoir salvateur de l'imagination quand plus rien d'autre ne demeure. » Financial Times

  • Anglais In the Orchard, the Swallows

    Peter Hobbs

    • Europa
    • 4 Février 2014

    A young Pakistani man survives fifteen years in a dreadful prison by clinging on to a single memory of a girl he once met in his family's beautiful mountainside orchard - with disastrous consequences. Elegant and lyrical but never sentimental, this moving tale of love and redemption is storytelling at its most evocative and compassionate. This is a novel that transcends politics and class, its characters as accessible and intimate as those of universal mythology.

  • Anglais Project Management

    Peter Hobbs

    • Dorling kindersley digital
    • 2 Février 2009

    A practical ePub guide to project management which will give you the information and skills to succeed

    Find out how to improve your project management skills by defining a project brief, identifying stakeholders and building a team. You'll learn to initiate a project, set deadlines and manage your budgets.

    Tips, dos and don'ts and 'SOS' hints on what to do in a particular situation, plus real-life case studies demonstrating key skills such as delegating effectively, managing change and evaluating success. Read it cover to cover, or dip in and out of topics for quick reference.

    Handy tips in a pocket-sized format - take it wherever your work takes you.

  • Anglais In the Orchard, the Swallows

    Hobbs Peter

    • Faber and faber digital
    • 3 Janvier 2012

    In the foothills of a mountain range in northern Pakistan is a beautiful orchard. Swallows wheel and dive silently over the branches, and the scent of jasmine threads through the air. Pomegranates hang heavy, their skins darkening to a deep crimson. Neglected now, the trees are beginning to grow wild, their fruit left to spoil on the branches.Many miles away, a frail young man is flung out of prison gates. Looking up, scanning the horizon for swallows in flight, he stumbles and collapses in the roadside dust. His ravaged body tells the story of fifteen years of brutality.Just one image has held and sustained him through the dark times - the thought of the young girl who had left him dumbstruck with wonder all those years ago, whose eyes were lit up with life.A tale of tenderness in the face of great and corrupt power, In The Orchard, The Swallows is a heartbreaking novel written in prose of exquisite stillness and beauty

  • Improving the outcomes for patients in our changing healthcare system is not straightforward. This grounding publication on case management helps physicians better meet the unique needs of patients who present with poor health and high healthcare-related costs, i.e., health complexity. It details the many challenges and optimal practices needed to work effectively with various types of case managers to improve patient outcomes.  Special attention is given to integrated case management (ICM), specifically designed for those with health complexity. The book provides a systematic method for identifying and addressing the needs of patients with biological, psychological, social, and health-system related clinical and non-clinical barriers to improvement. Through ICM, case managers are trained to conduct relationship-building multidisciplinary comprehensive assessments that allow development of prioritized care plans, to systematically assist patients to achieve and document health outcomes in real time, and then graduate stabilized patients so that others can enter the case management process. Patient-centered practitioner-case manager collaboration is the goal. 
    This reference provides a lexicon and a roadmap for physicians in working with case managers as our health system explores innovative ways to improve outcomes and reduce health costs for patients with health complexity. An invaluable, gold-standard title, it adds to the literature by capturing the authors' personal experiences as clinicians, researchers, teachers, and consultants. The Physician's Guide: Understanding and Working With Integrated Case Managers summarizes how physicians and other healthcare leadership can successfully collaborate with case managers in delivering a full package of outcome changing and cost reducing assistance to patients with chronic, treatment resistant, and multimorbid conditions.