100 Quotes by Bruce Lee

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While Lee is best known as a peerless martial artist, `100 Quotes by Bruce Lee' demonstrates an extraordinary intelligence behind the flying fists.

With a deep interest in philosophy and drama, this book contains thoughts and observations that are profound, thoughtful, and often funny.

A superb read for those who want a peek into the mind of the `Little Dragon,' this book is a must for Lee fans of all ages.

Li Jun Fan (1940 - 1973) is better known as Bruce Lee. Born in San Francisco, but raised in Hong Kong, he was the son of an actor and opera singer. As a result of his father's jobs, the young Lee found himself a regular on film sets.

After being sent to America, Lee graduated in drama from the University of Washington and, shortly after, set up his own martial arts school. After a karate display in Los Angeles, he was offered the role of Kato in the TV series, `The Green Hornet.'

After finding success on the small screen, Lee went on to write, direct, choreograph, and star in a number of movies, including `Fists of Fury,' `Enter the Dragon,' and `Game of Death.' He is credited with launching the careers of other martial art movie stars, including Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan.

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