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`100 Quotes by Groucho Marx' is a collection of quips, thoughts, and reflections by one of comedy's greatest clowns.

From the classic "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member" to lesser-known one-liners, it's a superb read for anyone with even the faintest interest in comedic art.

The perfect book for dipping in and out of, there are some wisecracks worth committing to memory, alongside some observations into the mind of the man behind the moustache.

Born in New York, Julius Henry `Groucho' Marx (1890 - 1977) was an American comedian and, some might say, stand-up philosopher.

Initially, Marx tried his hand at singing but proved "hopelessly average." Under his mother's guidance, he formed `The Marx Brothers,' with his siblings, Adolph, Leonard, Herbert, and Milton. Their breakthrough came in 1914 when, during a performance, a runaway donkey caught the audience's attention. On their return, Marx' quick-witted scolding won them over.

After a series of films, Marx pursued a solo career, appearing on TV, stage, radio, and the silver screen. In the character of Groucho, he created an iconic comic figure that is still imitated to this day.

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