Anglais Henri Matisse ; the Vence chapel

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From 1942 to 1954, Sister Jacques-Marie, originally Monique Bourgeois, describes her encounter with Henri Matisse that lead to the creation of the Rosaire Chapel in Vence. As the last, ultimate project of the artist, it is considered to be the culmination of his entire works. Henri Matisse stated: "This work required four years of exclusive, constant effort ,and it is the fruit of my whole working life. In spite of all its imperfections, I consider it as my masterpiece." Sister Jacques-Marie recounts the friendship and the complicity she shared with the painter throughout the years, resulting in the chef d'oeuvre, the Rosaire Chapel in Vence.
Translater Sister Jacques-Marie's text: Barbara Freed.

Rayons : Arts et spectacles > Généralités sur l'art > Essais / Réflexions / Ecrits sur l'art

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